Mel Brown Photographer, Creative Producer and cookie monster


I have a friend in the Big Apple who casually refer to herself as a Celebrity Wrangler, a term I find both accurate and entertaining so I have adopted it to best describe what freelance adventures I get up to.

Creative Wrangler - The wrangler of all things creative, from production crews to art directors, photographers to talent agencies, DOP’s, Illustrators, florists, storyboard artists, MUA and stylists, graffiti artists, project budgets and schedules and sometimes an elaborate un branded coffee order.

Working under a variety of job titles as a freelancer ranging from Creative Producer to Production Manager, Photographer to Event Stylist, on a global scale, I have collected a vast range of experience that gives me a versatile and creative approach to each project. With over 16 years experience in the entertainments, advertising, film and events industries in over 15 different countries, I like to bring a fresh perspective to each job that ensures deadlines are met, budgets are kept to, and we are all smiling proudly when looking at the end result.

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