Master of Jewels

I was approached by Master of Jewels designer Jaspal, to work on the new Spring/Summer 2017 range with her. She was looking for a different style of image, pushing away from the demure and voyeuristic visual, so often seen when looking at Indian wedding jewellery. With this in mind, we decided to use different models and focus on the feminine strength that is often overshadowed by the beautiful Jewellery.

It was a fantastic shoot, working with a new team. With Manny Shina doing a fantastic job on hair and make-up, Andreea and Yasmin working their magic in front of the lens and Jaspal bringing the amazing pieces from Master of Jewels.

The energy was buzzing and we were all really excited about the brief we were working to.

Here are a few that didn't make the website but I wanted to share with you anyway.