Luxury Brand Bucklesbury asked me to photograph their new line of fabulous bags. How could I say no! I have spent a great deal of time since wondering which colour would work best for me.

Currently holding pop up stores around London, you can have a look at the quality of the new range yourself. Hop onto the website for more information on where you can find this dreamy bag!  www.bucklesbury.com

Bucklesbury creates unique unisex business bags for men and for women that are more practical than a handbag and more beautifully-designed than a briefcase.  The Bucklesbury purpose is to change the world of executive styling with bold and colourful statements of success.

Handcrafted in Italy since 1948 using traditional techniques and full grain leather, Bucklesbury blends British ideation with Italian craftsmanship to create timeless investment pieces in 28 colour variations that will pass from generation to generation.