SITE - WorkWear

Working as part of the production team at Ecstasy of Gold has been one of the highlights of 2018. With some fantastic shoots that seem to have taken me all over the UK.

We took the team from Islington to Hackney, through central London and Lancaster Gate all the way down to Southampton.

For the weeks shoot, we ran two teams side by side, working with the slow motion Phantom team for the dramatic detailed shots and then our primary team working with the Arri to set the scene and highlight the use, context and functionality of each garment. Using both selects in the edit, we captured some really delicious shots that really brought the drama to the narrative telling a detailed story for what each item of clothing could handle.

Here are a few BTS shots for a Workwear commercial we shot in April. To see a few more reels we created on this. shoot, check out the production page above.

Production Company – Ecstasy of Gold

Director – Arthur Lewin

DOP – Joe Ransom

1st AC – Lloyd Cook

Producer – Eva Dhalvist