A Woodland Halloween

One of my favorite times of the year is when The GC Family start to plan their Halloween party! 

This year was no exception! 

The family home, based in Hampshire, has access to a beautiful woodland which lent itself perfectly for a spooky Halloween walk. With a bit of tweaking and some strategic hanging of ghosts and lamps as well as some subtle sound effects and the key player, a live statue that would jump out at oncoming guests. It was a fantastic introduction to the party.

Guests would arrive, welcomed at the newly created mulled wine stand, greeted by a host. At strategic intervals, each guest would be ushered down the path on their unsuspecting journey. Winding through the woods in almost pitch black with nothing but a few candles and a torch to help them find their path, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls and tombstones were placed all the way along the walk, lining their path. 

As the comforting sound of chatter from the welcome party fades, the natural sounds of the woodland start to take over. Jumping slightly at the sound of cracking twigs, wondering what is next. Suddenly a scream up ahead disrupts the birds sleeping in the trees. Keeping a hold of their courage each guest starts to wind their way round, trying to not over react to the rustling further down the path which is letting their imagination run riot in the dark.

Something is up ahead! As they are searching for the next shock, trying to prepare their nerves, our live actor jumps out filling the air once again with shrill screams of shock. 

Walking further down, the lights from the Marquee are getting brighter illuminating the witch and her caldron which, from past events, we all know is a sure sign of a very welcome winter Pimms.

Entering into the marquee, a giant hanging pumpkin acts as the table plan for each of the themed tables. Enjoying the woodland walk we followed the theme into the marquee with each table having its own theme such as werewolf, witch, mummy, zombie, pumpkin, graveyard and vampires, with each table having related props and fancy-dress items to carry the theme onto the dancefloor. 

The party was a huge success and the guests a delight to entertain. Unfortunately, I am never able to recognize them outside of their Zombie / Mummy alias!