Vienna Bakery

Vienna Bakery was founded in 1960 by Bob Dodge when he acquired a traditional bakery in Georgetown originally designed by well –known French baker, Henri Ori. Today, Bob's son David, has carried on and cherished the valued traditions employed by Mr Dodge senior, Monsieur Ori and generations of some of Europe's finest bakers.

Mr Dodge, a master confectioner and baker also had a keen interest in the art of Viennoiserie, the baking process developed in Vienna in the 19th century. Combined with his experience, skills and knowledge he focused on Viennoiserie, bringing the tasty range of Viennese and British morning goods, in particular the croissant, rolls and Danish pastries to St. Helier adopting the source of inspiration as the name for his very own bakery!

Dave Dodge has carried on this family business which is one of the most cherished bakeries in Jersey. Over the last year, Vienna has moved (not far) and have opened up a brand-new shop, across the street in St. Helier’s Central Market. To make sure they had a range of tasty photos that reflect their fantastic produce, we popped over to Jersey to shoot their current range.