The Grumpy Greengrocer

Owner of Just William, one of Jersey’s central market stalls, Bill Davies is passionate about honest, clean, healthy eating and provides a huge

variety local and imported produce, working with farmers to provide the very best for his customers.

Born and raised in Jersey, Billy was surrounded by farmers and local businesses and threw himself into greengrocer life with a Saturday job age 14.  After 30+ years of trading in Jersey Central Markets, and a growing social media presence, Billy is more commonly known on instagram as The Grumpy Greengrocer. A nickname that reflects his open humour more than his actual character as he is known and loved for always going out of his way for his customers.

Loving every stage of the process from the farm and farmer to the customer and their favourite dishes, Billy is always searching for new and exciting produce to supply the increasingly diverse customer base.

 “We like to sell only the best, sell it fresh and at the best price. We like to look after both the farmer and the consumer,” he says.

Having known and loved Billy and visited Just William daily as a child for a granny smith and a bag of grapes, I believe he and his passion for his trade is the source of my own love for fresh honest veg and my well-known love for Borough Market.