A Norfolk Wedding

Photographing the marriage of Andy and Ella was an honor and a joy. Working with them was a fun and memorable experience from start to finish. 

Located in Norfolk at the family home, Mum and Dad had spent the last year making the garden perfect which gave us a huge range of choice for photos. The family were so much fun to work with and really made shooting a giggle. Ella’s sister Kitty kept producing more and more skills, fixing hair, arranging flowers, organizing groups for photos and the list goes on which came in handy when moving from one location to another.  

The weather was beautiful with a lovely overcast sky giving us nice smooth soft light to work with, clearing up towards the end of the evening with a warm orangey sunset to bring out the autumn colours before dinner. 

Working in a relaxed way, capturing the moments between as well as the more fomalised shots created a lovely atmosphere where the bride and groom relaxed into a lovely rhythm of messing about in the photos sharing those caring fun moments that brought them together.