Café De Paris

I was asked by international photographer Tigz Rice to second shoot for her. ‘of course,’ is my first reply, working with Tigz is always a whirlwind of inspiration and a good giggle. 

When the details came through as a wedding for Café des Paris … I thought This is going to be something super special! I wasn’t wrong! 

Meeting early to run through the shot-list and prep the equipment we had a walk around to see the best angles. The venue is fantastic and the decorations, stylized by a very creative bride and groom were sublime. I couldn’t wait to start snapping. 

One of the most beautiful buildings in London and host to a fabulous show style wedding with all the stops pulled out and a plethora of burlesque and artistic entertainment and performance keeping the guests enthralled and entwined in the 1920’s themed wedding excitement. 

With Challenges and prizes on the back of each menu there was something for everyone and some brilliant ideas to bring the quieter guests out of the shells. I was both inspired and amazed at how two creative theatrical minds can join together and host a breathtaking evening in celebration of their unity and love for each other. 

As second shooter the fabulous Tigz Rice, I was able to see a side to this extraordinary evening that I would not usually see as the main photographer. As always, learning so much from Tigz, her vision and her style are always inspiring artistically just added to the memorable experience.