Hastings Bonfire Society

Bonfire night in Hasting in is a night to remember. The processions are always impressive with dancing, drums, music, fire and fancy dress processing its way through the winding history ridden streets of Hastings. Celebrating the 950thanniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 all of the communities and bonfire associations rallied together to be a part of such a marked event. 

Hundreds deep, the atmosphere was palpable. Walking the log walk behind the parade towards the enormous beach bonfire where music and dancing takes up back to a primeval state of mind celebrating the joy of life through movement and energy.  

The Bonfire is notoriously epic, burning well into the morning of the next day. Well-guarded and organized by the Hastings Bonfire Society, all safety precautions are well in hand and the bonfire is checked thoroughly for nesting animals before it is lit. Knowing that it is so well looked after and planned makes it all the more enjoyable as a spectator.