Joel Hockman

Joel Hockman is a fresh new face to London’s modeling world. Having worked with him before, off set, we approached the building of his portfolio from a process perspective. Standing in front of the camera is no easy task. In order to be a good model, they need to be extremely aware of their looks, facial expressions and movements and how all of these work with the camera and how they read in a still image. 

We worked from the perspective on building that experience and how Joel could expect a photographer to work on set and what to expect from shoots.  We worked through movement and expressions and I was very impressed with the level of commitment and effort Joel brought to the set. He gave every brief 200% which may sound like a moot point, but letting go of those nerves and anxieties and giving the camera everything you have is no easy task. 

Although, we all know, that everyone works differently and every photographer and artists has their own process, it’s always good to have a little bit of help and learn from someone else’s experience. 

Best of luck Joel! I hope we can work together again soon.