Baby Ishaan

Having photographed couples through the years, it’s a pleasure to see them take a new step and expand their family with a little one. It’s been an honour to be there in the early days and photograph the first steps of little Ishaan’s fantastic new adventure. 

My priority with little ones, is always their comfort and the confidence the parent has in my care of them. Making sure the room is warm and that there is something lovely and soft all around them.If they are elevated, to make sure there is soft cushions on the floor, just to be extra safe, especially for those little ones on the move.

Agreeing a colour scheme and preparing some blankets and props is really important. Giving family a good amount of time to get it all ready in advance so that there is no stress on the day. 

Little Ishaan was so lovely to work with, totally engaged and interested in everything we were doing it gave me a great opportunity to get some eye line shots, which is usually really tricky to do before they develop the ability to focus. 

I’m really looking forward to catching up with the family and seeing how much he has grown since the shoot and how Mum ad Dad are enjoying their new family pattern.