Jen and Hen

Photographing Jen and her son was such a joy. It was a big day, with Henry changing school in the morning and with both excitement and anticipation rising as the sun was setting, a walk in the woods was just what we all needed.

A beautiful spring day, late in the afternoon, the air was crisp and the trees on the edge of bursting into bloom, it seemed like Henry was not the only one with new adventures just around the corner. We went for a lovely long walk with the dogs and explored trees and acorns, built dams in the stream and found lots of interesting flowers to look at and explore.

Looking to get those special moments that only show themselves in the quiet moments, I let them both do their usual thing, getting to know Henry as we went and asking him all about his new school and all the things he was looking forward to.

I stayed just on the outside looking in to let them spend time together and see where the photos went rather than controlling the environment which was a really lovely way to work and also created some really special, relaxed moments between Jen and Henry.