Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year, may it be full of love, laughter and a little bit of mischief to keep things interesting.

Kingfisher Smart Space Sinks

Working with Kingfisher and Ecstasy of Gold on the Romesco Smart Space Sinks made me rethink my kitchen set up.

We worked on set for a day in South London, using the Arri and Bolt arm to get the really juicy details spinning angles and looking at space in a different way.

It’s tricky to show all the different elements of a functional product and still give it enough drama and story, to keep the audience engaged, but Ecstasy of Gold have managed to ace it.

Take a look below and let me know what you think.


Production Company – Ecstasy of Gold

Director – Arther Lewin

DOP – Joe Ransom

1stAC – Lloyd Cook

Producer – Eva Dhalvist

Lighting – Andy Cahill

Matt Cardle - Nobody

When asked by one of the brilliant Josh White if I would like to take some Unit Stills for Matt Cardle’s Nobody video, I didn't have to think about it for long.

It was fantastic working with Director Sean Robinson, inspirational to watch how he managed the set, crew and shoot seamlessly. Matt was fantastic to work with and an extremely talented individual who puts everything he has, into his performances.

Here are some of the images from the days shooting.

Director - Sean Robinson

DOP - Josh White 

Focus Puller -  Bradley Stearn               

Gaffer  - Dan Goodall  

P A - Vanessa Brunglinghaus

Remembrance Sunday 2018


Remembrance Service

Sunday 11th November 2018

A parade by The Royal British Legion - Chiswick Branch, The TSStalk Chiswick Sea Cadets, The Chiswick Army Cadets. Joined by local Scouts, Beavers, Cubs and Guides as well as members of the Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police, RLNI, Ambulance.

A beautiful centennial service held in memory for those we lost in World War One held at Turnham Green Memorial in Chiswick London. I was honoured to be a part of this service with so many local people taking time to remember the gravity of world War and the impact it has on society, humanity and culture.

The horrors of war are often forgotten as the generations pass and it was both touching and reassuring to see so many youths and young adults attend the ceremony and show respect and understanding of why it’s important to remember.

‘We give our today, for your tomorrow’

Freemantle X Workplace

Working on The Freemantle Workplace X Film was so much fun, especially as I got to see a lot of familiar faces. Starting at 5am at Primrose Hill working on the first scene of the day was breathtaking, aside from the fact that we were all running up hills, watching the sun rise over the city was a sight I have not seen in some time.

The film focused on all the different ways in which you can share information internally within the app, a social media platform for the employees to post their successes and fun facts, likes and updates within the team.

From watches to tablets, phones to computers there was a dynamic story to be told with each scenario.

Production Company – Ecstasy of Gold

Director – Arther Lewin

DOP – Joe Ransom

1stAC – Lloyd Cook

Producer – Eva Dhalvist

Hastings Bonfire Society

Bonfire night in Hasting in is a night to remember. The processions are always impressive with dancing, drums, music, fire and fancy dress processing its way through the winding history ridden streets of Hastings. Celebrating the 950thanniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 all of the communities and bonfire associations rallied together to be a part of such a marked event. 

Hundreds deep, the atmosphere was palpable. Walking the log walk behind the parade towards the enormous beach bonfire where music and dancing takes up back to a primeval state of mind celebrating the joy of life through movement and energy.  

The Bonfire is notoriously epic, burning well into the morning of the next day. Well-guarded and organized by the Hastings Bonfire Society, all safety precautions are well in hand and the bonfire is checked thoroughly for nesting animals before it is lit. Knowing that it is so well looked after and planned makes it all the more enjoyable as a spectator.

Chiswick Sea Cadet Unit

Chiswick Cadet Unit operates out of Chiswick Pier along-side the RLNI. Creating a stable environment for the local children in the community teaching a wide range of skills from seamanship and team work to public speaking and leadership, which will stay with them throughout their adult life. 

In Celebration of their 20thBirthday, a group of 20 cadets and parents journeyed down to Portsmouth to the Maritime museum where we explored the vast ships such as The HMS Warrior and the HMS Victory, learning about naval history and life onboard at that time, as well as team building adventures where they got to use some of the skills they have been developing at Chiswick Pier. 

Joel Hockman

Joel Hockman is a fresh new face to London’s modeling world. Having worked with him before, off set, we approached the building of his portfolio from a process perspective. Standing in front of the camera is no easy task. In order to be a good model, they need to be extremely aware of their looks, facial expressions and movements and how all of these work with the camera and how they read in a still image. 

We worked from the perspective on building that experience and how Joel could expect a photographer to work on set and what to expect from shoots.  We worked through movement and expressions and I was very impressed with the level of commitment and effort Joel brought to the set. He gave every brief 200% which may sound like a moot point, but letting go of those nerves and anxieties and giving the camera everything you have is no easy task. 

Although, we all know, that everyone works differently and every photographer and artists has their own process, it’s always good to have a little bit of help and learn from someone else’s experience. 

Best of luck Joel! I hope we can work together again soon.

Milk Tea Live Launch Party

Milk Tea launched their brand in style. With a trendy venue in Whitechapel and some signature talent performing it was a night to remember. 

With Waiting So Long and Ten Five Sixty, two of my favorite artists the crowd really was a diverse mix of cultures. Connecting the sounds and local fans of Hong Kong with UK.

Founded my Amada So and Karen Van Ross, we are hoping to see many more Milk Tea events.

Hilton Garden Inn

Working with Slider Creative on HGI Hilton's new brand images was a fantastic project. The team and the clients popped out to Dubai, for what was a very speedy shoot, with a great deal to get through the team were working at full steam ahead, styling, directing, shooting and organising. It was a fantastic hotel to shoot in, with very enigmatic staff who loved getting involved, the creative team were inspiring and passionate and the photographer Julian, was a dream to work with. Here are some of the images below.

The Sunday Express and Terry Evans

One of my first assignments as a photographer was from the fantastic hero of the picture editing world, Terry Evans. Looking at traditions and customs that were starting to fade with the next generations we worked on several projects, such as the Cream Tea and Finishing Schools. 

Having found a collection of the original prints got me thinking of how many years had passed and all the photographic journeys and experiences that have shaped and developed me as a photographic artist and producer since my time working with Terry Evans.

Collective Choir - Joe Bunker

Joe Bunker and the Collective Choir performed in the fantastic (and aptly named) Bunker for one of their annual shows. As a collection of individual artists, Collective Choir brings together this fantastic and talented range of artists together to celebrate their talents and do something for themselves.

As many of them are composers, writers, conductors and teachers, much of their creative energy is focused on their students and clients so watching them perform for themselves really was a treat. 

Keep an eye out for more of their work. #choirartcollective

Shuffle Festival

Shuffle Festival is an annual event in Mile End. The festival exhibits creativity through film, science, performance, architectural installations, walks, food, and music. It is run on a small budget and use local talent and attract a majority local audience. Running for four years in the area, initially at the former workhouse and psychiatric hospital, St Clement’s, and at London’s most urban woodland, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. 

 Shuffle is primarily a grass-roots, not-for-profit organisation that has evolved from local activism at the St Clements site and has taken root as an important part of cultural life and community cohesion in Mile End. It is a small to medium sized community festival started and run by a small dedicated team led by Kate MacTiernan and Lizzy Daish, and supported by film director and Mile End resident of 35 years, Danny Boyle. 

When Shuffle first started, Frankie and her ladies were asked to perform bringing their honest and heartfelt sound to the E3 area. Shuffle is a fantastic event which does what it says on the tin, bringing the community together in their shared passion for arts and entertainments. Here are some of the images that came out of the event.