Agency – Wax/On
Client - Fred Perry
Creative Director - Ben Hooper

Creative Services Director – Cairen Harry
Photographer - Tom Parker
Creative Experiential Producer– Mel Brown


Have you been watching the Tennis??

I have… and in the spirit of tennis, I am both happy and proud to be able to share the most recent project success with you. It’s been a long time in the making with lots of moving parts and a great deal of love and effort from a multi skilled team, so here we have it … The Fred Perry Championship!

A new Youth Tennis Tournament for the champions of the future.

Introducing a new national Youth Tennis tournament: The Fred Perry Championship. 100 years after Fred first played at the Brentham Club, we return to watch the best of the UK’s players and the champions of the future.

With the best elements every included in the contact of this project, from the depth of brand history to the siucesses of Fred (the Man) Painting the Brentham Court and having a travelling vending machine that gives out free branded tennis balls #thepredperrychampionship

And there is still more to Come!

From Brentham to Wimbledon

Full write up on the Fred Perry Website: HERE

Fred Perry was the son of a cotton spinner, who went on to become world table tennis champion at 19, before switching to lawn tennis and winning Wimbledon three times with a killer forehand.

“The strokes are the same, the anglesare the same, the spins are the same.”- Fred Perry

He honed his self-taught shots at his local public courts in west London, going on to be a successful Davis Cup captain, winner of 10 majors and the first player to win a Career Grand Slam - Fred remains the only British player ever to achieve this. Yet still, his success was always unexpected, and despite his unprecedented contribution to British tennis, Fred was not accepted by tennis authorities until later in life due to contrasting sharply with the privileged background of most players associated with the sport in England. In 1984, a statue of Fred was unveiled at Wimbledon – a permanent tribute to the champion.

The hard court at the Brentham Club, in West London gets the Black / Champagne / Champagne treatment to celebrate the opening of the tournament. We’ve made limited edition black tennis balls with the UK’s only manufacturer, Price of Bath available by vending machine on the court.

To release a set of limited edition balls, visit the Brentham Club by July 8th and snap a picture of the vending machine. Upload the picture to Instagram using #fredperrychampionship and wait for your set of exclusive Fred Perry tennis balls to be released. (Instagram account must be public).⁠ The newly named Fred Perry Café has also been given a colour update, with White / Ice / Navy tipping details.