We are so happy that you want to join in the photo fun and tell your story of why this magical part of the Thames is so very special to you and how that makes you a part of this community

We are all here for different reasons, some spend day and night on the river because they row, sail, kayak, coach or many other wonderful activities that happen in, on and around the Tideway. Others run the bridges, walk their dogs, live, eat or commute along the beautiful tow paths that line the Tideway.

If you would like to get involved and think that there are others around you that are interested and would prefer to arrange a group shoot at your club or venue, click on the Group Shoot button below. if you would like to come along and join in with one of our drop in sessions, please click on the join in button below.

If you want to join in, but these options don’t quite suit what you’re after, let me know and drop me an email and we can fit something in around your needs.


Thanks again for joining in and welcome to Tideway Voices