Brooklands Farm, Jersey

On my regular visits back to the Island of Jersey, Brooklands Farm is often my first stop.

Owned and run by ‘Farmer’ Jon and his fabulous long suffering wife, Jenny Hackett, Brooklands if a self made, self sustained, traditional Jersey farm. Running now for over 20 years, Brooklands is one of Jerseys most loved Genuine Jersey farm food and butcher businesses. With over 100 piggies from a variety of rare breeds including Oxford Sandys and Blacks, and we can’t forget Galaxy, the farm goat who single-handed, staves off illness and sickness on the farm (according to jersey farm history).

On arrival Jon he instantly took us to se the farm and meet the pigs where we were dutifully introduced us to his knew PR manager, Del Boy.  Del Boy was the runt of the most recent litter and would have otherwise met his maker had John not nurtured and hand fed him, raising the little trotter to full health. One of the sweetest little pigs I have ever seen, Del Boy has quickly established his celebrity status on the Island with his own fan base at the local school. Move over Cavill, there is a new face in town!

With sausages to die for and a pâté I could happily drown in, Jon welcomes me into his office otherwise known as the kitchen, where the flavour magic happens, to share some family secrets surrounding the ingredients that go into Brooklands Sausages. I managed to find out and try the latest batch out of the oven. A new sausage called Liberation which is gluten free and 98% meat, with just a hint of nutmeg, coriander and ginger. This sausage can be found in the Liberation group pub restaurants around the Island.  The sales pitch worked! I had dinner sorted for the next week with pork pies, Jamaican beef patties, beef burgers, sausages, bacon and of course, some pate.

For more information on Brooklands Farm and their organic, home made produce please follow them on Facebook or contact Farmer Jon Directly.