Nicky Haxby

Nicky Haxby is a self taught singer songwriter who, having heard of the terrors filling the lives of so many Syrian refugees, decided to pick up a guitar and learn to sing to raise money to help them.

Two years on, she is performing in and around Lincolnshire at open mic nights, supporting acts in folk nights and festvals and continues to raise money for a range of charities and fill the local area with positive vibes and raising awareness of the charities she supports.

Having sung covers over the last two years, working and refining her own style and voice, she has recently taken pen to paper and written her own music.

With a beautiful articulate and fluid style of autobiographical storytelling, her lyrics flow like melted chocolate while her folk style keeps you entranced wanting to know more.

Here is one of her most recent songs, why don’t you clink on the link and have a listen. LIKE AN ANGEL

She updates us all on her charity work and who she is singing for on her instagram and facebook links, so hop over to instagram to find out more - @HaxbyNicola

In support of all her work, we went to her local area and took a few relaxed head shots of her with er guitar to use to promote her work and put a face to the voice of these beautiful songs.

The Aldridge Family

I have been blessed to watch this family go from an engagement in Rome to a beautiful, Jane Austin inspired winter wedding to the Christening of their first born, their second and now very soon to be the third of their beautiful children. 

We took the opportunity to photography the two kids while they were still young, and before the third came along to show them how it’s done. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and Mummy had dressed them in the cutest outfits, ‘styled but not matched’ to reflect the beautiful English summer weather.

I have spent a lot of time with these kids as they have grown up, so putting them at ease was not an issue at all, we took some time in the garden before I got the camera out so that they were not at the height of excitement but still had lots of energy and still wanted to play outdoors. 

We got loads of really special moments playing on the ground with dad, making him do press-ups with two children on his back, I’m not sure who laughed more, me or the kids. 

I’m really looking forward to photographing the new edition to the family and will keep you posted on all their antics.

Fred Perry - Brentham to Wimbledon

Have you been watching the Tennis??

I have… and in the spirit of tennis, I am both happy and proud to be able to share the most recent project success with you. It’s been a long time in the making with lots of moving parts and a great deal of love and effort from a multi skilled team, so here we have it … The Fred Perry Championship!



A new Youth Tennis Tournament for the champions of the future.

Introducing a new national Youth Tennis tournament: The Fred Perry Championship. 100 years after Fred first played at the Brentham Club, we return to watch the best of the UK’s players and the champions of the future.



With the best elements every included in the contact of this project, from the depth of brand history to the siucesses of Fred (the Man) Painting the Brentham Court and having a travelling vending machine that gives out free branded tennis balls #thepredperrychampionship

And there is still more to Come!



From Brentham to Wimbledon

> Full write up on the Fred Perry Site: HERE

Fred Perry was the son of a cotton spinner, who went on to become world table tennis champion at 19, before switching to lawn tennis and winning Wimbledon three times with a killer forehand.

“The strokes are the same, the anglesare the same, the spins are the same.”- Fred Perry

He honed his self-taught shots at his local public courts in west London, going on to be a successful Davis Cup captain, winner of 10 majors and the first player to win a Career Grand Slam - Fred remains the only British player ever to achieve this. Yet still, his success was always unexpected, and despite his unprecedented contribution to British tennis, Fred was not accepted by tennis authorities until later in life due to contrasting sharply with the privileged background of most players associated with the sport in England. In 1984, a statue of Fred was unveiled at Wimbledon – a permanent tribute to the champion.

The hard court at the Brentham Club, in West London gets the Black / Champagne / Champagne treatment to celebrate the opening of the tournament. We’ve made limited edition black tennis balls with the UK’s only manufacturer, Price of Bath available by vending machine on the court.

To release a set of limited edition balls, visit the Brentham Club by July 8th and snap a picture of the vending machine. Upload the picture to Instagram using #fredperrychampionship and wait for your set of exclusive Fred Perry tennis balls to be released. (Instagram account must be public).⁠ The newly named Fred Perry Café has also been given a colour update, with White / Ice / Navy tipping details.

Little Sylvie

When I got the call from an old friend saying she had some news, I did not expect that I would be taking my first step down a road of new board bliss.

Little Sylvie arrived, healthy and a bundle of soft skin and Mum was keen for some photos, so was I…. and a cuddle!

Utterly adorable, every broody cell in my being was activated and I fell in love with her straight away. She had some of the best expressions, that we couldn’t help but narrate.

Sylvie, meaning forrest helped us work out that we wanted to keep things simple and natural, which was a blessing in the 30 degree summer heat. with whites and greens and natural fabrics to place her on we added in a few props to see how she handled them, the result was … no thanks!

So much love, so much laughter, working with this family was such a joy. I can’t wait to work with them again and see her character develop over the years as she grows up.

Jen and Hen

Photographing Jen and her son was such a joy. It was a big day, with Henry changing school in the morning and with both excitement and anticipation rising as the sun was setting, a walk in the woods was just what we all needed.

A beautiful spring day, late in the afternoon, the air was crisp and the trees on the edge of bursting into bloom, it seemed like Henry was not the only one with new adventures just around the corner. We went for a lovely long walk with the dogs and explored trees and acorns, built dams in the stream and found lots of interesting flowers to look at and explore.

Looking to get those special moments that only show themselves in the quiet moments, I let them both do their usual thing, getting to know Henry as we went and asking him all about his new school and all the things he was looking forward to.

I stayed just on the outside looking in to let them spend time together and see where the photos went rather than controlling the environment which was a really lovely way to work and also created some really special, relaxed moments between Jen and Henry.

Baby Ishaan

Having photographed couples through the years, it’s a pleasure to see them take a new step and expand their family with a little one. It’s been an honour to be there in the early days and photograph the first steps of little Ishaan’s fantastic new adventure. 

My priority with little ones, is always their comfort and the confidence the parent has in my care of them. Making sure the room is warm and that there is something lovely and soft all around them.If they are elevated, to make sure there is soft cushions on the floor, just to be extra safe, especially for those little ones on the move.

Agreeing a colour scheme and preparing some blankets and props is really important. Giving family a good amount of time to get it all ready in advance so that there is no stress on the day. 

Little Ishaan was so lovely to work with, totally engaged and interested in everything we were doing it gave me a great opportunity to get some eye line shots, which is usually really tricky to do before they develop the ability to focus. 

I’m really looking forward to catching up with the family and seeing how much he has grown since the shoot and how Mum ad Dad are enjoying their new family pattern. 


SITE - WorkWear

Working as part of the production team at Ecstasy of Gold has been one of the highlights of 2018. With some fantastic shoots that seem to have taken me all over the UK.

We took the team from Islington to Hackney, through central London and Lancaster Gate all the way down to Southampton.

For the weeks shoot, we ran two teams side by side, working with the slow motion Phantom team for the dramatic detailed shots and then our primary team working with the Arri to set the scene and highlight the use, context and functionality of each garment. Using both selects in the edit, we captured some really delicious shots that really brought the drama to the narrative telling a detailed story for what each item of clothing could handle.

Here are a few BTS shots for a Workwear commercial we shot in April. To see a few more reels we created on this. shoot, check out the production page above.

Production Company – Ecstasy of Gold

Director – Arthur Lewin

DOP – Joe Ransom

1st AC – Lloyd Cook

Producer – Eva Dhalvist

Kensington Singers at Christmas 2018

Kensington Singers will always have a special place in my heart. The people are fantastic and I am always impressed how professional and well-rehearsed they are when all the members have full time jobs and often children to work around. 

Founded almost 10 years ago by singer / songwriter Hanna Magenta with the intention of bringing the joy of song to the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Kensington Singers has developed into a hub for the local community, with over 200 people filling the local churches and community centres for the annual Christmas concert alone.

To celebrate this passion created by and within the community, and the joy and friendships they have formed within their network we did a little fun and festive shoot over one of my favourite times of year, Christmas. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year, may it be full of love, laughter and a little bit of mischief to keep things interesting.

Kingfisher Smart Space Sinks

Working with Kingfisher and Ecstasy of Gold on the Romesco Smart Space Sinks made me rethink my kitchen set up.

We worked on set for a day in South London, using the Arri and Bolt arm to get the really juicy details spinning angles and looking at space in a different way.

It’s tricky to show all the different elements of a functional product and still give it enough drama and story, to keep the audience engaged, but Ecstasy of Gold have managed to ace it.

Take a look below and let me know what you think.


Production Company – Ecstasy of Gold

Director – Arther Lewin

DOP – Joe Ransom

1stAC – Lloyd Cook

Producer – Eva Dhalvist

Lighting – Andy Cahill

Matt Cardle - Nobody

When asked by one of the brilliant Josh White if I would like to take some Unit Stills for Matt Cardle’s Nobody video, I didn't have to think about it for long.

It was fantastic working with Director Sean Robinson, inspirational to watch how he managed the set, crew and shoot seamlessly. Matt was fantastic to work with and an extremely talented individual who puts everything he has, into his performances.

Here are some of the images from the days shooting.

Director - Sean Robinson

DOP - Josh White 

Focus Puller -  Bradley Stearn               

Gaffer  - Dan Goodall  

P A - Vanessa Brunglinghaus

Remembrance Sunday 2018


Remembrance Service

Sunday 11th November 2018

A parade by The Royal British Legion - Chiswick Branch, The TSStalk Chiswick Sea Cadets, The Chiswick Army Cadets. Joined by local Scouts, Beavers, Cubs and Guides as well as members of the Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police, RLNI, Ambulance.

A beautiful centennial service held in memory for those we lost in World War One held at Turnham Green Memorial in Chiswick London. I was honoured to be a part of this service with so many local people taking time to remember the gravity of world War and the impact it has on society, humanity and culture.

The horrors of war are often forgotten as the generations pass and it was both touching and reassuring to see so many youths and young adults attend the ceremony and show respect and understanding of why it’s important to remember.

‘We give our today, for your tomorrow’

Freemantle X Workplace

Working on The Freemantle Workplace X Film was so much fun, especially as I got to see a lot of familiar faces. Starting at 5am at Primrose Hill working on the first scene of the day was breathtaking, aside from the fact that we were all running up hills, watching the sun rise over the city was a sight I have not seen in some time.

The film focused on all the different ways in which you can share information internally within the app, a social media platform for the employees to post their successes and fun facts, likes and updates within the team.

From watches to tablets, phones to computers there was a dynamic story to be told with each scenario.

Production Company – Ecstasy of Gold

Director – Arther Lewin

DOP – Joe Ransom

1stAC – Lloyd Cook

Producer – Eva Dhalvist